Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Dusting of this blog to kick me into devoting laser focus on developing this setting. I've been sketching out sites for a mini sandbox in the southwestern corner of the map. During this time, I've been mulling over the greater context of this region. The region is right on the borders of Al-Sahra, The Wilderness, beyond which are leagues upon leagues where the forces of Law are weak and Chaos holds sway. Beyond that are the infidel lands of the old Imperium. Al-Sahra was once a more touch more civilized until the armies of the Basileus and the Caliph clashed in a series of catastrophic wars. As the armies of Law are weakened as trying to rebuild their strength, the armies of Chaos marshall their strength while bands of adventurers motivated by faith or greed brave Al-Sahra whether to combat Chaos, for plunder, or to carve out a holding of their own.

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